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Click on the link below to go to my new business website, TruAura

Schedule a skin care consultation to try out the new skin care.  I could fill my page with all kinds of information, but clicking on the link above will give you all the info you need!!  

At the consultation you get to try the new products and learn how to get it at a 15% discount all the time!!  



Clean Color is now avilable  

Lip sticks are avilable now in 6 fabulous colors!


TruAura helps you have healthy & blanced skin!

ALL Our forumlas are Pre & Probiotic based. 

Our Location

Happy New Year!!


Be sure to get something nice for your love on Valentines day! ! 




Surpise your love with a Spa Package

from Laura's Massage & Spa! 


90 Minute Hot stone Massage

Hydrating Facial 

Hand and Foot treatments 

Total Value: $135  

On Sale for only $110 



Available Febuary 1st through the 14th!!

Laura's Massage & Spa is open 10am to 5pm; Monday through Friday, 8am-12pm Saturday. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call or text Laura at 402-499-3927 she will get back to you as soon as possible. I currently do not have same day apointments.  Please call in advance.


4630 Antelope Creek  Suite 150

Lincoln NE 68506





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