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Laura's Massage & Spa

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Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated basalt stones which absorb and retain heat well. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage.

$75 - 60 minutes

Swedish Massage


Swedish Massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of massage. It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading and gliding to help the body improve its circulation.

$95 - 90 Minutes

$70 - 60 Minutes

$40 - 30 Minutes

Add aromatherapy to any massage for $10



Student Massage

Ages 16-25

Special pricing:  $60 - 60 Minutes

Childrens Massage

Massages for kids 15 years or younger.

$40 - 30 Minute



Massage Options

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy


Deep Tissue Massage is a form of treatment that relieves tension in the deeper layers of tissue in the body. Deep Tissue Massage is a highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries.

$80 - 60 Minutes

$45 - 30 Minutes

Seated Massage

Is no longer available.

Package Discount

*All packages must be paid in advance and used within one year. 


 Buy 4 - 1 hour massages for $280,

receive 30 minutes free!


Buy 6 - 1 hour massages for $420,

recive 60 minutes free!


Buy 8 - 1 hour massages for $560,

receive 90 minutes free!


Buy 10 - 1 hour massages for $700,

receive 2 hours free!


Spa Add-On:
Any of the following can be added on to any massage of an hour or more.
BC= BeautiControl   Laura is no longer an consultant with BeautiControl.  The Spa Add-On's will be available while supplies last.   


Hand treatment   $10.
At the sink your hands will be scrubbed with BC Instant Manicure.  At the end of your massage your nails will be treated with BC Cuticle oil, and massaged with BC Extreme Repair Hand Cream.


Foot Treatment  $15.
BC Detox Bath Soak will be applied to your feet, then be covered so this is allowed to soak in and soften your feet.  At the end of your massage they will be in unwrapped instant pedicure scrub used, and feet are rewrapped in warm wash clothes.  Finally, your feet will be massaged with the BC Pedicure cooling foot salve.

Brightening Facial    $20.
Your skin is toned and then the bright Oxygen Infusion Radiance Masque is applied and allowed to work. After the masque is removed, your skin is treated to the Bright Illuminating Serum followed with the BC Night creme. Lastly, your face is treated to BC's Advanced-C protection Creme. SPF 20


Nutri-Rich Facial  $20.
Skin will be cleansed with reviving tonic.  Nurtri-Rich Nourishing Masque will be applied to skin and rest for 15 minutes.  Remaining masque will be massaged into the skin.  Last BC Nurtri-Rich Instant Radiance Beauty Balm is applied, but not rubbed in.  It will feel a bit tacky at first, once dry the skin feels soft and smooth!


Instant Face Lift (IFL) $35
Your skin will be cleansed with BC reviving tonic, the BC Microderm apeel for face applied and allowed to set for 3-5 minutes.  The BC Regeneration Pro Facial Exfoliator will be used to remove peel.  Warm washcloth will be used to remove any remaining peel.   Then based on your skins needs, various products will be used to help reduce the signs of aging.  These items are selected from our Tight Firm Fill collection. 

Extend the results of your IFL!  Buy any two items used during your IFL and your facial is free!

Facial Moisture Masque $25
Your skin will be cleansed with BC reviving tonic. Choose between the BC Detoxifying Clay Masque or the BC Warming Green Tea Masque, will be applied to the face and neck.  BC Nourishing eye pads will be placed over your eyes.  Once dry, the mask will be removed with warm cloths.  Your skin will then be moisturized with BC Advanced-C Protection Creme


2018 Holiday Hours:

 Closed on the following dates:

 November 22-24

 December 24 & 25

 December 31st & Janurary 1st.


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